Two ways to pass your basketball

Basketball is a team game where every action of each member can affect the whole game. On the basketball court, passing your ball is the most important part of the strategy. Winning or losing the game can be decided by how well your team is able to control the ball.  Just like dribbling or shooting your ball, passing skill is important and you need to practice a lot to master. Here are a two most common ways of passing your ball:

Chest passing

Kết quả hình ảnh cho basketball Chest passing

In order to perform a chess passing, you need to grip your ball on its left and right sides. You should hold your ball at your chest level with your fingertips pointing toward your chin. It is important to spread your fingers around the ball so that you have a better control of it. Stick your thumbs behind the ball. However, you need to leave a small space between your palms the ball so that you can throw it easier. Your palms may touch the ball after you have passed it and derail the ball. Therefore, it is important to never let your palms to touch the ball when you are holding your basketball.

Bring the ball toward your chess and bend your elbows so that the ball is close to your body. It should be touching your chest before you perform your pass. You then need to find your teammate and turn your upper body toward them (your dominant hand and shoulder should be aligned with your teammate).

Take a step with your dominant foot then throw your ball. Remember to fully follow your ball by extending your arms and shoulders.  Try to pass your ball in a straight line as it will be less likely to be stopped by a defender.

Overhead passing

Kết quả hình ảnh cho overhead pass in basketball

In order to perform an overhead passing, you need to put a hand on each side of your ball with your fingers tips spreading apart (similar to the previous grip). If you are confident, you can perform an overhead pass with one hand only (you can use the other hand to distract your opponents). However, as your pass needs to be in a straight line, it would be harder to do so with just one hand.  You can also use this overhead pass to deliver the ball to your teammates over the defenders’ heads.

Bring the ball up over your head so that your fingers are pointing at the ceiling. Your elbow and he middle of your head should be pointing toward your target. Your dominant foot should be slightly behind your non-dominant foot. Remember to only hold the ball slightly higher than your head before you perform the pass or else it may be stolen.

Take a small step forward with your dominant foot and at the same time, throw the ball. Bring your elbows down why using your wrists to press the ball forward (this will help you to have a straight pass to your opponents).

Remember to let your body to follow the ball to increase the precision and force.


  • Don’t hold the ball for too long because chances are you might get your ball stolen. Instead, dribble your ball before you perform a pass.
  • While passing your ball, make sure that your hips are squared up while your knees are adjusting from the bent position into the straight position (toward the direction you are passing the ball).
  • Your eyes should always be fixed on your teammate instead of the ball. Looking at your ball will help you to pass it more accurately.

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