Tips for Dribbling and Passing a basketball

  •        Standing correctly

If ball is controlled on offense, you had better crouch your body in a lower position for protecting ball while dribbling. How to get an appropriate dribbling stance? You need just crouch with flexed knees and shoulder width apart combining with standing on ball by feet.


To the process of learning is happened as well as possible, you should bounce ball continuously by both hands that means using your right and left hands to switch back and forth. This helps both your hands are practiced how to handle ball easier. Remember to stay in a crouched position especially your hip must be in opposite to the basket direction.

  •        Using your fingertips to bounce the ball

If you want to control your ball securely and properly, you have to remember to utilize your fingertips for dribbling without using the whole palm of the hands. This is the most common mistake of beginners so you must more careful. The only way to feel it better is to practice more. When successful, you will know how much force to apply on ball is enough to have ball to pop coming back on right position on your hands.

Let you stand at first, when just begin bouncing ball. Do not forget to flex your wrist for bouncing ball and keeping elbow into your hip in order to move very little. In a word, dribbling ball had better always be performed on wrist.

Before playing, you must ensure that the selected ball is inflated with the suitable specification or at least it is not easy to bounce up fitly. It is very essential for you to follow the ball’s directions and give it an extra little air.

  •        Keeping ball about waist

Firstly, it is very difficult to control ball especially with the new players, it is harder to keep ball down even controlling, players need not look at ball continuously. However, in fact, it is very comfortable to dribble as low as on ground. You should try to keep ball in waist without too higher due to it is easier for defender to pick off when dribbles coming all of methods to chest.

  •        Keeping your head up


This is so important that coaches can harp you many times when learning about ball. Thus, you have to look around and keep your head up as well as possible in place of looking down ball before bouncing it. A great player in ball can both do it and see hoop, opponents and teammates. All of your skills will be improved, when practicing this dribbling skill without needing to look at ball better and better. It is really difficult to know where to pass and go when your eyes are locked on the players’ sneakers due to the lower position stays, the lesser your chance for losing the ball’s control and making a not good dribble is. It is hard not only to swipe but also to screw dribble.

  •        Moving when you are ready

Basketball is an active sport so you can not stand all time. Obviously, dribbling on your move is very important. You should begin from walking after that you will have the comfortable lopes. Once gaining the best comfort, let you begin for jogging to perform the short sprint. In fact, controlling ball is more important than your worry about moving too fast.

In figure-8s, you are able to set up some chairs or corners in driveway for practicing the dribbling skill around. When you are dribbling quickly, let you keep ball low, your head up.

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