Studying the game before becoming a basketball coach

Perhaps everyone knows that basketball is one of the widest team sports all over the world with a wider range of world-class players from a dozen of different countries via strong youth programs. For this reason, the demand for basketball coaches is higher and higher around the globe. To be a good basketball coach, you should get patience as well as dedication but it is not easy thanks to the resources’ wealth depending on your demand. So do you love basketball? Do you want to be a good coach? Let you read my article for finding out!


  •        Watch many basketball games

Even although you are just a newcomer of this kind of sport without basketball coach, it is not simple as your think, in fact, watching many basketball games is an important object. Thanks to this, you will see how the basketball sport is played such as less as fans and more with your eye toward defensive and offensive setups. Both of them are able to provide you a clear look at how the basketball coaches will impact games. You have to also learn how defenses and offenses adjust each other. Moreover, when the substitutions of a game are performed also needs to be noted. Remember to keep your eye on how a player is matched up against another. Finally, let you write down on the paper all of the things you see for studying. Every time you watch a game that is each good chance to become a better basketball coach.

  •        Research various defensive and offensive sets

It is very easy for you to find out a wide range of coaching strategies on the Internet such as simple half-court set, the complex plays: swing passes, backdoor cuts, and many other movements without a ball. After all, starting with the most basic defensive and offensive plays as well as emphasizing on positions and movements of players are still better. Let you add the extra plays to your repertoire when you have learned by heart these. However, never overdo this due to some go-to plays are enough, once you are just beginning.

  •        Take the useful advice from other coaches

It is very tight-knit between basketball coaches, moreover, most of them are usually very happy to talk and share together about basketball strategies and knowledge of craft so let you find them to take everything from these conversations. In case you do not agree with this, you can use down the street with a few helpful nuggets. Never be afraid of asking a lot of questions.

  •        Design your own plays

If you would like to be a great coach, you should have at least one play for yourself. Do not worry! If your design does not lead to any victories immediately, your process of creating that play has helped you broaden your basketball knowledge base more (even it is just to draw up something on scratch paper or take from the existing strategies to modify it). You are always allowed to tinker things when essential.


Obviously, above are just the first steps to be a good coach. Thus, if you really love this kind of job, let find a coaching job as soon as meet your basketball team to have the real experiences. You are able to come to the following locations to look for your chance: your local youth facilities as YWCA or YMCA; recreation centers; house or summer leagues and high schools. Before starting, don’t forget to ask them their preferred positions. Because this can help you get a convenient beginning point, once you run the first practice with a team.

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