How to play basketball well

  •        On the court, each position has its own role

You need to pay attention on any basketball teams, all main positions get the specific roles and rules governing jobs. This is too ideal to improve your basketball skills. What you have to do is that learning each position’s specific as well as on the court, which place you may fill in.


Specifically, the large players guarding hoop will be in the center. Especially they are often the most physical and tallest players of the whole court with the job of revolving around grabbing rebound, guarding hoop on defense and posting up near to hoop to tip-in shot easier. There are the well-known centers. Such as: Yao Ming, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

In terms of forwards, they are the second largest players in the whole court. Due to their physical is strong enough for playing defense as well as going down low. But it had better be dexterous enough for shooting from outside. A great forward can create the powerful physical presences and good cuts in an arc. There are the well-known forwards. Such as: LeBron James, Tim Duncan, Charles Barkley and Bill Russell.

Do you know who is the offense’s architects in a basketball team? These are guards. Because they can carry the ball down the court, do shots from outside and set up their plays. The guards are objects scoring points the most who are valued for sniper-like shots, exact passing, and quickness. There are 3 good guards such as Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.

  •        To improve your basketball skills, let you practice fundamentals

This is quite essential if you would like to become a better player. What you need to practice is defensive, shooting and dribbling skills in place of practicing behind-the-back passes or lowering hoop. In case you want to shoot lay-ups by both your hands, you ought to practice the 360 dunks more and more about ten times even over. You are able to perform twenty free throws continuously.

  •        The ball needs to be kept moving and passed regularly

At all times, a great basketball team is able to keep moving the ball even on heels and the defense off balance. Once the ball is on your team, let you keep the passes crisp and quick for moving the ball around and finding the open lane to the hoop.

Don’t think that the virtuosic ballers who hog ball and dunk non-stop can just play basketball very well. For example, a selfish and good player is able to dribble around the consecutive and loose ball. Thus, let you practice your passes.

  •        Let you practice grabbing rebounds

Grabbing rebounds are one of the most unheralded skills. On account of many missed shots, it is very difficult for you to guess where the ball will end up. It can bounce off in this direction or another one even fly straight up in the air. In this case, both of basketball teams get an opportunity to control it that means this is a valuable time for out-jumping the opponents and grab the ball. If possible, don’t forget to practice shooting by means of running up on the hoop for grabbing the players’ own rebound. In case you play down low, your role likes a center or forward. You can use your backside to box out other players, muscle them away from prime real-estate. Besides staying wide and getting low, you must keep the arms out and eyes on the ball for giving yourself a great opportunity to grab the board.

  •        Learning how to set picks for teammates


To work with the team better, before you should begin to work out formations and plays involving some types of rolls and picks. A set pick means utilizing your body for one of the teammates for running the defender up against. Although any players can set the pick on offense, at all time, forward is going to set the pick for the guard.

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