How to play defense

  •        Learning the player’s role on defense


Playing defense means keeping the ball as long as your opponents can’t score. Specifically, passes need to be disrupted especially if possible, you had better try to steal the ball for blocking the shot. To get more score points for passing another team, your job is disruptive, sticky and annoying to it. The man-to-man defense is usually selected by most of the teams. That means another player of your opposing team who you will guard for the remaining time of the game is going to match to you. With more modern basketball, the zone defense is utilized sometimes that you will be given the court’s area for guarding and pick up another moving into it. You had better imagine this likes bubble which you are protecting.

  •        Learning the right defensive

The offense is not all about basketball so in a game, you need change flexibly on the ball’s both sides. You should learn how to get wide and low for playing sticky defense. So how to do that! This is the way. Your feet must wider than your shoulder especially putting arms straight out on both sides as long as your body is extended and made as wide as possible. Using your feet to stand on the ball then create sideways movements for guarding you with a ball that means locking the eyes on the ball.

An example of defending is that the purpose is to lead your hip toward the sideline while the back hip toward the hoop. If you would like to make this more difficult for the guarded person between the hoop and you, you ought to push them by means of aligning hip effectively and properly. It will be more natural, in case you practice regularly.

  •        Practicing the side-to-side movements

To play defense as well as possible, the most difficult thing is to stay the defensive crouch even try to become glue to stick to the offensive players. It is very difficult to move side-to-side fast so if the event of your more experience to do the side-to-side shuffle step, I am sure that you can be better than other defensive players. To run sideways the best, let you take a large step to a side of any direction then cross the trailing foot after the lead foot. Don’t forget to push off again and come back following another way. You are able to stop when your sore legs.

At your driveway’s home, you had better practice sliding around to the side in place of asking for the help of coaches due to they just train you by means of dribbling side-to-side. Depend on how the offense moves, defenders will switch their position in the difference ways.

  •        Staying on your feet much

The beginners of basketball players usually make a very common mistake – jump in the air as much as possible. I know it seems to be very attractive for blocking the shots of your opponent by this way with your outstretched arms but my advice is to try to keep your feet on the ground more. Why? The answer is to pump-fake. When taking off into the air, it is very easy to be injured and useless to go up for your shot and pull back down.


It’ll be better if you yourself practice how to stand up straight once the ball is pulled down for shooting and thrown arms straight up 90 degrees in the air by your opponent. However, if essential, you have to still ready for playing defense when being locked down.

  •        Grabbing rebounds

This is another necessary part of how to play defense. In the event of the failed shot of your opponent, never give him the second opportunity. Once bouncing freely, you can post-up down by grab and basket. In case, it is up for grab, let you grab it as soon as.

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