How to inflate a basketball

Utilizing a pump


  •        Have an air pump

In case you haven’t already done, let you buy for your basketball a decent air pump. It is very easy for you to find it everywhere with a quite cheap price even the bicycle pump with the appropriate needle is also accepted. If your model does not already get one, you are going to buy the ball needle.

  •        Attach a needle to your basketball

Firstly, you need to connect the needle to pump then use water for moistening needle in order to insert into your ball’s hole.

Where to insert needle has to be a small hole with black rubber circle. In case you can’t look for that hole in the ball, ask your manufacturer.

  •        Begin pumping the ball

After from 3 to 5 intervals, you must check its air pressure by means of feeling the ball in order to know how much air your ball has been pumped. Or you can check by using your fingers to compress the ball.

Holding ball under your chin for dropping is also another good method for checking. In the event of reaching around your waist, that is the right amount of air.

  •        Ball your heart out

When you have had a well-pumped ball, I am sure that it is ready to come the basketball court. Your job is just to enjoy your basketball with a well-inflated ball. A pumped ball will not have the better feeling.

Inflate the ball without any pumps

  •        Use a compressed can

You can utilize the compressed air can as a replacement for pump. Or you are able to also pump the ball by means of utilizing the keyboard cleaner. Don’t forget to remove the attached plastic extender to the compressed air as well as moisten a top of tube for inserting into your ball’s air hole. With another top of tube, it needs to be secured onto the nozzle of air canister

Keep your handle down until you have your well-inflated ball. If possible, you should repeat this process for adding the extra air.

  •        Inflate into the ball CO2

You have to ensure that your needle is pricked into the ball’s air socket then screw on the tubeless tire valve stem to it. Moreover, that valve stem need to be attached to a C02 cartridge. In the event of attaching to 2 ones, a tube should be considered.

When loosening the CO2 valve, your ball will have the compressed CO2 from releasing

Like above, if necessary, let you test ball for adding more air.

  •        Utilize air supply or tire

You are able to utilize most of everything with the suitable adapters but you must get an appropriate needle to your ball. The tire valve and tube are your other essential supplies. First of all, let you attach tube and needle into ball after that with a healthy tyre.

Or at any gas stations, their tire pumps can help your ball. Obviously, don’t forget to bring a fit needle to your basketball.

Take care of your Ball

  •        Clean the ball

After a hard basketball game, you had better ensure that your ball is given a suitable wipe down. If you clean your ball regularly, it can protect yours away dirt and grime inside the ball. What you need to do is that using a damp cloth and dry it.

  •        Store the ball

It bases on how often you play it. So, in case it is played often, your ball should always be well inflated as well as stored inside with room temperature. In the event of opposite case, your ball should be deflated slightly. Which its benefit is? That is to increase the ball’s longevity. Don’t leave it outdoor and contact with the direct sunlight in a very long time.


  •        Only utilize it for basketball

Kicking a basketball around like football is the fastest way to ruining it. That is a very common misconception of most of the players but in fact, not all of well-inflatable balls can work for everything due to its design and construction are quite different from others. Please, bring it to courts without fields because it is designed for that place.

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