How to improve your basketball game?

Playing basketball could be entertaining and beneficial for your health. But if you don’t improve your skills, you can’t take your game to a new level. Training to be better doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go to the field five hours a day. It means that you need to need to watch and learn on how to control your ball as well as your body.

It is best to divide the game of basketball into smaller parts: defense, shooting, dribbling in order to practice one part at a time.


Before starting to play basketball, you need to wear the right clothes. Wearing clothes that fit you well will ensure that you are able to move quickly and perform your moves with high precision.

You tops and bottoms should be “loose-fitting” so that they won’t slip off during play and makes you feel light and comfortable. If your clothes are too tight, your body will be constricted and limited from movements.

Pick sneakers that fit you and are designed to play sport, which means that you should be able to run well without damaging the sneakers and your feet if you suddenly change your direction or pause. Even the Best Walking Shoes can’t help you to play well if they are not designed to be used on the court.

You should stick to high-tops sneaker as they provide you with extra height for your jumps. These sneakers have an extra layer of air at the bottom back so that you won’t hurt your feet on landing.


Practice dribbling as much as possible. The more you practice, the better feeling you have toward how your ball moves and how it connects with your body. Soon, you will start to feel that the way the ball moves is a response from how you move. You should practice dribbling with one hand for around twenty times and then switch to the other.

Pay attention to your posture while dribbling your ball, your knees should always be shoulder-width to avoid other players from stealing your ball. Bend down a little with your back straight and your ball should not bounce higher than your mid-thigh when dribbling.

Practice using two hands while dribbling. Move forward while dribbling your ball with your right hand for two steps and bounce the ball to the other hand then execute the same move. You can practice like what you see from the movies: set up a row of cones a few meters apart from each other and start to dribble your ball all the way through those cones.

In order to increase your precision while dribbling your ball, you need you keep your head high with your eyes looking up. Just like driving a motorbike, looking at the wheels won’t help you to drive straight but looking straight at the road will help you to move your bike to the position you want. Learn to dribble your ball without looking at the ball; learn to shoot without looking at the ball.


There is a familiar term that you would hear from your basketball coach: BEEF C which are the first letters of: Balance Eyes Elbow Follow Concentration. Shooting is a combination of all that things. You need to be balanced before shooting your ball or before jumping. Your eyes should be fixed on your targets instead of your ball (unless when you try to deceive your opponents while looking at one spot but shooting the other direction). This requires a lot of practice, though.

Your elbows should be tucked in toward your body. Your shots should be followed by your body to enhance the distance you are able to make. And during the time you play, concentrate on the ball and the field.

Shooting can be interesting to practice but you still need to focus on other parts of the game.


In order to be qualified as a good player, you need to be able to block shots from your opponents. In order to be good at defending, you need to practice playing basketball for so long that you would understand the mindset of a player. Guess where your opponent is taking their ball to and block it with your hands.

That’s it for the basic of playing basketball. Have fun practicing!


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