How to do basketball exercises?

Working out is a very important part of playing basketball. Frequent basketball workout will allow you to have a better sense of controlling your ball as well as your body. Doing workout can make you become a more active and a better player. We don’t play basketball to get in shape. We get in shape to play basketball.

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In order to perform your work out, you should find a gym where you can use it from two to three hours. If you plan to carry out the workout at your home or the basketball court itself, prepare a basketball (or workout ball) and a workout carpet to avoid sweating the floor.

1.     Start off with some basic warm up and running.

Move and spin your neck, arms, hips and legs for better blood circulation.

You should do some a lot of pushups and rope jumping. These exercises will make your body to constantly experience sudden move and push you to your limit. The point of doing this is to practice a super active habit for your body, which is essential when you play basketball as you have to make sudden moves all the time.

2.     Dribbling all the time

Kết quả hình ảnh cho basketball dribble

Combine dribbling with other exercises whenever you need to move the ball. For instance when you accidentally throw your ball away from you, you can get your ball and dribble it back to the working out position. The dribbling work can consume your energy while helping you to have a better sense of the ball. You should practice dribbling your ball to the point that you don’t even have to think about the ball. You need to be so used to it that dribbling is like breathing. Pro players spend their time thinking about making their next moves while they are on the court, not thinking about how to dribble their ball.

3.     Standing still exercise

You should be able to do all of these for two minutes each and gradually increase your time limit:

  • Dribble: dribble your ball low and switch between your hands
  • Bongo: Dribble your ball quickly while continuously switching between hands
  • Spider: this takes a lot of time to practice. Basically, you will need to do the same as bongo except you will have to include 2 dribbles in the front then wrap your hand around your legs so that you can dribble behind your legs
  • Practice dribbling behind the back as well
  • Also, there are advance exercises when you have to do some crossovers and dribble between your legs. You can also search on how to do figure 8 where you dribble in an 8 shape around your legs.

It can be frustrating and restless in the first times but eventually, you will miss the grab of the ball if you don’t exercise.

4.     Shooting exercise:

  • 100 layups
  • 80 elbow shots
  • 75 baseline shots for 3 to 5 meters with no missing 4 shots in a row
  • 70 free throws with no missing three in a row.
  • 40 reverse lay-ups, power layups and hook shots.

5.     Two ball moving exercise:

  • Dribble and switch between balls
  • Pullback
  • Uneven bounce dribble

6.     Conditioning

  • Shuffle across lane for 2 minutes straight
  • Sprinting and long distance running
  • Agility ladder
  • Mini hurdles

You should carry out this training session for 4 to 6 days per week with 2 hours each session. It would be nice if you have your teammate to practice with you. You will feel more motivated to have someone to practice passing and defending ball with you.

Stay healthy!

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