How to dress up for your basketball game?

Dressing up is an extremely important part of playing basketball. The clothes you wear can is associated with how you feel and how you are able to make moves.


The thumb rule for dressing while playing basketball is: relaxing and no constriction.

  • Wear clothes that are loose-fitting.

Basketball is a sport that requires you to make a lot of sudden moves with all parts of your body. Every part needs to move and all the range of movements is possible. For that reason, basketball players need to wear clothes that are loose. But it doesn’t mean that they have to stop once in a while to pull their shorts up. The hips and shoulders of their outfit should fit them well so that they won’t slip off during the game.

Your clothes should feel tender and help you to make your moves. Try jumping, stretching your body, your arms and your feet in different directions when trying your clothes. If you feel that your movements are not heavy and constricted, you have chosen the right clothes for you.

Specifically, your shorts should fit your waist while hanging loosely to your knees. Your T-shirt should be sleeveless and loose but fit your shoulders.

  • Sneakers

Your sneakers should fit you very well and they should be light in weight. Loose or tight sneakers will be uncomfortable to wear and they can increase the risk of injuries for your ankles. Your sneakers should be slightly bigger than your feet so that it won’t hurt you when you suddenly stop when running or landing on your feet.×700.jpg

Also, the back of your sneakers should be thick so that you have a slight height advantage over your opponents. There are many sneakers with a thick base filled with air so they are light and can assist you a lot on the court. However, high-tops sneakers can make you become depended in your sneakers for jumping and making move. For that reason, wear low-tops while practicing your game. You will be more confident with some power boost in real games with your high-tops.

  • Accessories

You should wear boxers as your underwear while playing basketball because you don’t want anything tight. Sweating can make normal underwear worse. Besides, you don’t want to be distracted by the annoying feeling down there. Some players even consider wearing a cup to avoid injuries.

If you are a girl, you should wear sports bra instead of a normal one. Wearing the right underwear can give you even more mobility to make your moves during the game.

You should wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and tongue from shocks and impacts.

If you have any injuries previously, you may want to wear some arm or leg brace to support those parts better. Arm bands and leg bands assist your limbs and can ease pains you have on your limbs. Some high-end bands can help you to recover your strength faster and control your limbs temperature. Wearing protective clothes is a must while playing any kind of sport. You don’t want to leave your body unprotected and later regret on that.

In addition, you should put on a sweatband around your forehead. Again, sweating can distract you while playing and can reduce your efficiency. If your hair is long, keep it neat and tied. You don’t want your sweaty hair to stick to your eyes and face.

If you play outdoor, you need to apply sunscreen before the game to protect your skin.

It is not recommended to wear glasses during a basketball game. But if you want to protect your eyes, you can wear a shatter-proof glass while wearing your lens if you have problems with your eyes.

Dress well, play well!

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