How to choose the right basketball for you?

How to choose the right basketball for you?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho basketball

Skills are very important and are the decisive factor of every sport. You can practice for hours every day for many years to archive the experiences only yourself can have. But when it comes to success in sport, having good equipment is just as important as having a good set of skills.

No matter what you do, you certainly need to invest in your tools and treat them well with care so that they can reward you with the best it could do. However, finding the right tool – a good basketball for you has never been easy. Here are the things you need to consider when you are looking for a basketball.

It takes a lot of time and tryouts to choose the perfect basketball for you. If you are new to the game and come to the store, you would be overwhelmed with all the different type and brand of basketball. The same thing is applied for all other sports. For example when I first started to play golf, every set of clubs was labeled as “best golf clubs for beginners”. I mean seriously, it takes like forever to find out what is good for me.

Your age (size and weight of the ball)

When choosing a basketball, there can be many different sizes suitable for different group age. If you are looking for a basketball for a children, size 5 (the smallest size) would serve you well as it is small and light in weight. Any child that is below the age of 11 can be classified as “young” children.

However, things can pretty much depend on the sizes of the buyer’s hand. You can find the right size for you by gripping the ball. Put your hands on the left and right sides of the basketball with your fingers spreading around the ball (your thumbs should be at the back of the ball). Remember not to let your palms to touch the ball (there should be a small space between your palms and the ball). Right now, should be able to feel how big or small the ball is. If it’s too big and makes you feel uncomfortable, go for a smaller size. An ideal basketball should be slightly larger than your grip.

Age Range Size Weight
11 and bellow  size 5 18 oz
12-15  size 6 20 oz
16+  size 7 22 oz


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The material of your ball should depend on your situation and where you are going to use your ball.

If you are looking for a ball to play outdoor; you should go for a synthetic leather or plastic ball because they are able to endure the tear of the outdoor surfaces.

If you only need a ball for indoor use, look for balls that are soft and are easy to grip (they are usually made of composite leather)

It is also important to not choose a rubber basketball (they are usually really cheap and bouncy). They can easily breaks on impact and the rubber cover can splash to your eyes with high speed causing permanent damage. You should always confirm with your seller that your basketball is made of leather or plastic for their good quality. A rubber basketball can change its shape quickly after a game or if you leave it under the sunlight.

Extra tips:

  • When a good basketball drops, it shall bounce back to you with almost the exact same height like when you dropped it
  • It should have a good grip which means that is isn’t slippery on touch even when your palms are sweaty
  • If you are unable to squish the ball because it is hard, then it’s a good ball.

Basketball leagues

Depends on the organizations and the leagues, each of them has different requirements for a qualified basketball that you need to follow. If your team is planning to practice the right ball for the leagues, make sure that you check the official website for the ball requirements so that you can purchase the correct one. Also, you should look for the manufacturer that provides the balls for the basketball leagues and buy our ball from that manufacturer.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho basketball FUN


 Just be patient and play as many games with different balls as you can. Eventually when you have a good sense of control, you might know what you lack of and search for the ball that can fill your gap.

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