The Benefits of Playing Basketball

Nowadays, basketball has become a common sport is widely enjoyed in many places; even, it is ranked equal the king sport – football. Similar to other sports, basketball also brings many benefits for human’s health and helps players to have an exciting, comfortable spirit.

What benefits does basketball have?

First of all, playing basketball is good for operating of the heart, preventing and reducing the incidence of cardiovascular. Beyond that, playing basketball also helps improve the circulatory process. The heart beats better. It makes the artery wall thicker. Even, the smooth muscle cells and the elasticity of the muscles are enhanced and more. Accordingly, the blood cholesterol levels or the risk of hypertension and stroke is minimized.

The second, playing basketball helps improve the digestive function. When you play basketball, the capacity of the absorption and the nutritional metabolism in your body will also increase. Correspondingly, you usually feel appetite, so the digestion and excretion in the stomach and intestine are promoted. Furthermore, the function of the liver and pancreas is significantly improved. Thanks to having the abundant energy, it helps increase the life expectancy.

The third, playing basketball helps control the weight and improve the stature. The oversized body will cause an adverse effect on the normal physiological functions of the body, especially, the negative impact to the operation of the heart. If the excessive fat in a person is over 15-25% in comparison with the allowed level, the risk of death will increase 30%. Basketball will burn the excessive fat, enhance the strength of muscles and maintain the flexibility of the body. For the reason, your weight can be controlled. Then, you will have a perfect body.

The fourth, playing basketball helps the fresh, comfortable spirit. After school and work, playing basketball with your relatives and friends will make you slow stress and tiredness. At once, the spirit also becomes abundant.

Training basketball a right technique – it helps increase the height effectively

Applying the right technique, not only it helps you to become a good player but also you become stronger and increase the height a desirable manner.

When playing basketball, you have to jump and raise your body up regularly. The body does not suffer the Earth’s attraction, so the disc between the joints will be expanded. If you play basketball outdoors, you will be able to absorb the sunshine to synthesize vitamin D – it is useful for the development of the bone.

Here are the basic movements of basketball that you can practice at home, along with the note to help you practice more efficient.

  1. Shooting

It is one of the most important movements in basketball. Throwing the ball into the basket will decide your gotten score – a manner directly decides to win and lose.

When starting playing basketball, you will have to learn from the most fundamental – lay-up, shooting, passing, etc. The movements of shooting require you to have to raise up, jump and stretch the entire body to be able to throw the ball into the basket. In this movement, your body is stretched, so it stimulates the development of the height; especially, there are teenagers.

  1. Lay-up

This is another important basic movement that basketball players ought to understand. This movement requires you to jump with a right foot; then, you use your hand to determine the location of the basket and aim at the target.

If it considers the posture, there are two ways: lay-up with one hand or lay-up with two hands.

+ Lay-up with one hand: The arm is stretched straight a little. The palm puts forward. Besides, it also has another form – the lay-up movement like shooting.

+ Lay-up with two hands: It puts the ball into the basket with two hands. It can toss the ball up or push the ball to.


There are many benefits when playing basketball. Simply, you just need to spend for 1 hours in order to play it every day. Not only your weight is developed but also your body will become stronger. It is a weight-loss method efficiently.

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