How to choose the right basketball for you?

How to choose the right basketball for you?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho basketball

Skills are very important and are the decisive factor of every sport. You can practice for hours every day for many years to archive the experiences only yourself can have. But when it comes to success in sport, having good equipment is just as important as having a good set of skills.

No matter what you do, you certainly need to invest in your tools and treat them well with care so that they can reward you with the best it could do. However, finding the right tool – a good basketball for you has never been easy. Here are the things you need to consider when you are looking for a basketball.

It takes a lot of time and tryouts to choose the perfect basketball for you. If you are new to the game and come to the store, you would be overwhelmed with all the different type and brand of basketball. The same thing is applied for all other sports. For example when I first started to play golf, every set of clubs was labeled as “best golf clubs for beginners”. I mean seriously, it takes like forever to find out what is good for me.

Your age (size and weight of the ball)

When choosing a basketball, there can be many different sizes suitable for different group age. If you are looking for a basketball for a children, size 5 (the smallest size) would serve you well as it is small and light in weight. Any child that is below the age of 11 can be classified as “young” children. [Read more…]

Two ways to pass your basketball

Basketball is a team game where every action of each member can affect the whole game. On the basketball court, passing your ball is the most important part of the strategy. Winning or losing the game can be decided by how well your team is able to control the ball.  Just like dribbling or shooting your ball, passing skill is important and you need to practice a lot to master. Here are a two most common ways of passing your ball:

Chest passing

Kết quả hình ảnh cho basketball Chest passing

In order to perform a chess passing, you need to grip your ball on its left and right sides. You should hold your ball at your chest level with your fingertips pointing toward your chin. It is important to spread your fingers around the ball so that you have a better control of it. Stick your thumbs behind the ball. However, you need to leave a small space between your palms the ball so that you can throw it easier. Your palms may touch the ball after you have passed it and derail the ball. Therefore, it is important to never let your palms to touch the ball when you are holding your basketball.

Bring the ball toward your chess and bend your elbows so that the ball is close to your body. It should be touching your chest before you perform your pass. You then need to find your teammate and turn your upper body toward them (your dominant hand and shoulder should be aligned with your teammate). [Read more…]

How to do basketball exercises?

Working out is a very important part of playing basketball. Frequent basketball workout will allow you to have a better sense of controlling your ball as well as your body. Doing workout can make you become a more active and a better player. We don’t play basketball to get in shape. We get in shape to play basketball.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho basketball

In order to perform your work out, you should find a gym where you can use it from two to three hours. If you plan to carry out the workout at your home or the basketball court itself, prepare a basketball (or workout ball) and a workout carpet to avoid sweating the floor.

1.     Start off with some basic warm up and running.

Move and spin your neck, arms, hips and legs for better blood circulation.

You should do some a lot of pushups and rope jumping. These exercises will make your body to constantly experience sudden move and push you to your limit. The point of doing this is to practice a super active habit for your body, which is essential when you play basketball as you have to make sudden moves all the time. [Read more…]

How to improve your basketball game?

Playing basketball could be entertaining and beneficial for your health. But if you don’t improve your skills, you can’t take your game to a new level. Training to be better doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go to the field five hours a day. It means that you need to need to watch and learn on how to control your ball as well as your body.

It is best to divide the game of basketball into smaller parts: defense, shooting, dribbling in order to practice one part at a time.


Before starting to play basketball, you need to wear the right clothes. Wearing clothes that fit you well will ensure that you are able to move quickly and perform your moves with high precision.

You tops and bottoms should be “loose-fitting” so that they won’t slip off during play and makes you feel light and comfortable. If your clothes are too tight, your body will be constricted and limited from movements.

Pick sneakers that fit you and are designed to play sport, which means that you should be able to run well without damaging the sneakers and your feet if you suddenly change your direction or pause. Even the Best Walking Shoes can’t help you to play well if they are not designed to be used on the court.

You should stick to high-tops sneaker as they provide you with extra height for your jumps. These sneakers have an extra layer of air at the bottom back so that you won’t hurt your feet on landing. [Read more…]

Sports Are Good for Muscles

Most people do not recognize that the importance of taking care of your muscles and joints until it is too late. For the sports with the different types of the physical activity, to make sure the safety and the right techniques, you need to have to understand mechanisms of action as well as the appropriate training equipment: kayak (read more best inflatable kayak here), basket hop, …

What muscles kayaking works?

Those who enjoying kayaking, it is certain that they recognize the great experience when rowing the kayak on a river or lake. Beyond that, kayaking is also con3sidered as one of sports, which are good for muscles, including, shoulder, back, hand, arm, chest, and abdomen. It is noticed that it is actually beneficial to your heart when practicing this adventurous sport. Furthermore, you just need to row the kayak for an hour, when your muscles will work more than you go to a Crossfit gym.



When mentioning to kayaking – rowing with a single arm, you will take after each stroke. While kayaking, your body essentially moves the same with the paddle. Each of the strokes works the latitudes in order to get a big degree. It is being rowed by one arm. Another will receive a stretch; and then, it appears a contraction. This is an efficient back workout that you may go with any variation or tempo depending on your needs and preferences – long sets, each pulls, sprints, narrow grip or wide grip, for example.


As a whole, when doing a back workout, your shoulders will be hit, especially, the deltoid. In comparison with this workout, impacting on your shoulders in kayaking is pretty complicated. It must come to the paddle up the front and repeat this at the end of per stroke. Like that, it helps transfer from the muscle to your shoulders. The rear, lateral, and the front of the delts are actually attacked by that forward round. Let’s remember that the width and the tempo changed, which will lead to change the worked muscles.


It can say that the rotational movements suffer the action of the abdomen. In case your core muscles are weak, it is fortunate that kayaking is entirely suitable. When rowing the kayak, your waist and neck will constantly be run; especially, the rotation has a big impaction to the stability and balance of the spine. [Read more…]

How to Be a Pro Basketball Player

Basketball guide: How to go pro?

Basketball can be your favorite sport and you may spend a few hours playing it every week. At some points, you might have thought that the difference between a professional and an amateur lies in the number of hours they play. Well, you are partially right. Actually, being a pro doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to play more hours than your opponent; it means that you are really taking your time on learning the skills and the rule seriously. You are devoting to the sport.

Start learning the rule

Going pro also means that you need to understand all the rules when you are on the court because no one will sit there and tell you what you should do or what you shouldn’t. Learning the rule is one way to ensure that you are on the right track and is not wasting your time practicing on things that you aren’t even allowed to do. With proper knowledge of the sport, your practice more efficiently and you can save a lot of time for yourself (that’s why hours played is not everything).

Get in shape

You don’t play basketball to get in shape; you get in shape to play basketball. On the field, every inch, every second counts. Professionals win other players because they are slight faster, slightly taller, slightly stronger. You can search for exercises that help you to play basketball well. You should do some push-ups and jump rope every day along with your core workout. These exercise will not only get you in shape, they also enhance your body’s willingness to make sudden moves and to jump. [Read more…]

Basketball – A Sport Spends for Each of the Ages

It is certain that whether you are not a sports maniac, you can still play a bit this sport – basketball. Actually, basketball is a great sport is entirely suitable for any ages. You are able to play with some your friends or a group – all are possible. Even, you may also choose to play basketball by yourself. In basketball, you can completely play according to how you want, except you need to become a professional basketball player. At this time, it requires you to have a number of players as an official game.

It will be great when playing a basketball game outside the basketball court. It allows you to practice a couple of simple skills or exercises in order to improve the muscles and the combination of hands with eyes. So, which ones make basketball become a perfect sport? It is not limited the ages. It helps develop and strengthen the muscles. The height is quickly increased, and countless other benefits.

Basketball – playground preferences

The most beneficial of basketball is to enable you to play it a simple manner – it does not need to access to a favorite court or expensive devices. In comparison with other common sports, basketball is more advantageous. To enjoy a basketball game, you just need a ball and a hoop. If you have tended to become a professional player, you can play whether these non-defined hoops.

It is really great when you have a backyard for yourself. Like that, you may set up your own basket court; or even, along driveway yours, you might also install a hoop. It can install a permanent basketball hoop, can’t it? It’s ok! Let’s try considering a portable hoop. At present, there is a wide range of sizes and style so that you can select. Don’t worry about the cost! Most of them are affordable.

And then, when you have a court and a hoop, the remaining task is to enjoy it. You are able to shoot a couple of hoops by yourself, with your children, relatives, or friends. Obviously, basketball, which is a flexible sport, allows you to play in many different manners.

Basketball – a sport for children

It can say that basketball is a sport for children. They are received many benefits the most through playing this sport. To start, you can guide how to dribble, pass, and shoot, which are the basic skills in basketball. The majority of the design of the basketball hoops is to develop the skills of children. When they are ready to play a basketball game with full-sized equipment, you can gradually raise the hoops up. [Read more…]

Basketball guide: How to make a shot?

Shooting your basketball is perhaps the most important skill that you need to master. Basically, a shot is a combination of everything else: how you are able to control the ball, control your body as well as your precision. You need to be able to make the correct decision of when to shoot your ball or when to pass it. You don’t have to have the perfect height or strength to shoot your ball. With practice and skill, you still can shake the net.

In order to shoot a basketball nicely these three things need to be considered: Standing, holding and shooting

1.     Standing

Unlike when you dribble your ball, when preparing to shoot, your feet need to move closer together. They should be no further than shoulder width apart and can preferably be even closer. Your shooting foot should be slightly ahead of the other foot (usually, your shooting foot and shooting arm are your dominant foot and arm).

Your feet should be turning slightly toward your non-dominant hand so that your hip, shoulder and elbow are facing the basket. This will help you to increase your precision and the power of the shot. [Read more…]

The Benefits of Playing Basketball

Nowadays, basketball has become a common sport is widely enjoyed in many places; even, it is ranked equal the king sport – football. Similar to other sports, basketball also brings many benefits for human’s health and helps players to have an exciting, comfortable spirit.

What benefits does basketball have?

First of all, playing basketball is good for operating of the heart, preventing and reducing the incidence of cardiovascular. Beyond that, playing basketball also helps improve the circulatory process. The heart beats better. It makes the artery wall thicker. Even, the smooth muscle cells and the elasticity of the muscles are enhanced and more. Accordingly, the blood cholesterol levels or the risk of hypertension and stroke is minimized.

The second, playing basketball helps improve the digestive function. When you play basketball, the capacity of the absorption and the nutritional metabolism in your body will also increase. Correspondingly, you usually feel appetite, so the digestion and excretion in the stomach and intestine are promoted. Furthermore, the function of the liver and pancreas is significantly improved. Thanks to having the abundant energy, it helps increase the life expectancy.

The third, playing basketball helps control the weight and improve the stature. The oversized body will cause an adverse effect on the normal physiological functions of the body, especially, the negative impact to the operation of the heart. If the excessive fat in a person is over 15-25% in comparison with the allowed level, the risk of death will increase 30%. Basketball will burn the excessive fat, enhance the strength of muscles and maintain the flexibility of the body. For the reason, your weight can be controlled. Then, you will have a perfect body.

The fourth, playing basketball helps the fresh, comfortable spirit. After school and work, playing basketball with your relatives and friends will make you slow stress and tiredness. At once, the spirit also becomes abundant. [Read more…]

To Build a Basketball Court in Your Yard

source pinterest
source pinterest

It is certain that everyone will have a different dream. Some want to become an engineer, a doctor, a pilot, and so on. Others only have a simple dream – it becomes a great basketball player. Suppose you are putting a goal for yourself or your boy, who takes part in a professional competition. Certainly, you ought to begin to practice the related things to basketball as soon as possible; especially, we want to mention to the basketball court.

You can do it yourself a court from scratch. On the other hand, you may also buy a kit of the DIY basketball court.

A basketball court from scratch

+ The skill: It requires that you must have some skills of the carpentry in order to build a basketball court for yourself from scratch. First of all, it has to ensure a built yard, which has a smooth surface so as to prevent the risk of accidents and injuries. The next, it is necessary for building a basketball ring. Then, you start painting the lines of the court.

+ Cost: With building your own basketball yard from scratch, the payable cost will be lower. The majority of the DIY kit of the basketball court consists of flooring – an unnecessary expense once you have a right-floor surface for the basketball court yours. It is noticed that you may select the materials for yourself – the stand, the ring as well as the materials of painting. Surely, you are going to pay for a lower cost.

+ Time: Inevitably, you would take a lot of time so as to build a basketball court for yourself from scratch in comparison with a DIY kit. With a DIY kit, you will be supplied the necessary things; instead of having to do everything; especially, it is to assemble.

The first, you need to have to take measurements correctly. The second, it must go shopping – the required tools and materials before you start to build the sections.

+ The materials: It will not easy to purchase the necessary materials for the project yours. The most are something that is just wholesaled on the market.

A DIY kit of the basketball court


+ The model: It has to ensure that you are buying a DIY kit of the basketball court correctly. The majority of the DIY kits is not similar. They can be based on the court dimensions, NBA, standards of colleges or others. You also need to check out the kit – it is full or half court. [Read more…]

How to dress up for your basketball game?

Dressing up is an extremely important part of playing basketball. The clothes you wear can is associated with how you feel and how you are able to make moves.


The thumb rule for dressing while playing basketball is: relaxing and no constriction.

  • Wear clothes that are loose-fitting.

Basketball is a sport that requires you to make a lot of sudden moves with all parts of your body. Every part needs to move and all the range of movements is possible. For that reason, basketball players need to wear clothes that are loose. But it doesn’t mean that they have to stop once in a while to pull their shorts up. The hips and shoulders of their outfit should fit them well so that they won’t slip off during the game.

Your clothes should feel tender and help you to make your moves. Try jumping, stretching your body, your arms and your feet in different directions when trying your clothes. If you feel that your movements are not heavy and constricted, you have chosen the right clothes for you.

Specifically, your shorts should fit your waist while hanging loosely to your knees. Your T-shirt should be sleeveless and loose but fit your shoulders. [Read more…]